Swat Operation - Lessons to be learnt

Swat Operation - Lessons to be learnt

Swat was a paradise on earth before its merger with Pakistan. The seeds of hell were sown in its soil when the Pakistani agencies started using Sufi Mohammad as their puppet to ask for the restoration of an obsolete legal system which was promulgated for the city state of medina considering the Arab Bedouin culture into considerations. Major Amir - an ISI stooge was used to back up Sufi Muhammad to use the Poor Pakhtuns of Malakand first in the early nineties which resulted in a very chaotic situation. The reason was the instability of the democratically elected govt by the criminal secret agencies of Pakistan.

The same stereotype was used the second time too to backup a military backed Mulla Fazullah, who exploited the religious sentiments of the Swatis as army after its sinking graph during the Musharraf regime sensed that they needed to show some drama to the public of Pakistan to restore their rapport. They used him and now after the restoration of peace they are again projected to be the Messiah of the nation and are ready to take the reigns of power which is their second target for which they will have to prove the failure of the democratically elected govt of PPP, ANP, MQM etc. One after another crises will be created by the establishment and bureaucracy till the situation become so chaotic that the take over of army can be justified.

Pakhtuns should realise that their life due to lack of political struggle for their rights and autonomy can be easily used for any drama to the international community and hence they will be killed and their killing will e justified by blaming them either as cessationists in the past, fundamentalists in the near past and Taliban in the present. It is the lack of political consciousness and lack of political goal which has necessitated the genocide of Pakhtuns and until they realise the gravity of situation and rise against any intervention of army, it agencies, the religious clergy and exploitation of resources by the civil and military resources by Punjab, they are destined to suffer.

The Swat operation however is a blessing in disguise. It has helped to prove the following bitter realities to Pakhtuns:

1) That it is wrong to support representative of clergy due to the unjustified sanctity of that institution in Pakhtun society.

2) That the tighter the grip of religion the more miserable will be the life of people.

3) That military always use the common man and innocent people as guinea pigs for their nefarious designs.

4) That unless the nation is conscious about its political rights in the country it is destined to suffer.

5) That at the end of the day, it was the Pakhtuns culture which realised the sanctity of Pakhtunwali by supporting and helping the IDPs.

6) That they have to support nationalist elements vis-a-vis religious bigots in any political situation and crises.

7) That the power elite will spare no chance to grab more influence in Pakhtun land and use its resources human, natural and economic to their advantage even at the cost of innocent lives of Pakhtuns.

It is therefore suggested that Pakhtuns should take a stand against all those elements which inculcate the seeds of religious indoctrination in Pakhtuns and also know that the civil and military beauraucratic establishment of Punjab is their real enemy.

Who is responsible for unrest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

The terrorist attacks in Pakhtunkhwa is a part of sowing the seeds of instability in Pakhtun land by the power hungry elite class of Pakistan - the civil and military bureaucracy. This military and civil power elite is behind all efforts to destabilise the current govt of PPP , ANP and MQM.

My analysis is that:

1) The Punjabi elite class will use this excuse to take the reigns of power. So we may expect another martial law.

2) All the so called crises be it Flour crises, Sugarcane crises, or Power crises or any other crises after the Feb 2008 elections, were artificially manufactured by them.

3) This elite had planned the current situation carefully to discredit the political process as well as the political leadership and parties so that they could take the reigns of power.

4) The instability is multi faceted. It is the breakup of peace in Pakhtunkhwa as ANP came into power with that slogan, it is the suffering of poor due to price hike as PPP came into power using the slogan of relief to the poor, it is directed towards the projection of Nawaz Sharif as he represents Punjab and was a product of military.

5) The instability is aimed at blaming Taliban most of whom are the puppets of Pakistani Secret agencies .

6) The instability is aimed at blaming the anti state faction of Taliban who could be a threat to the Power elite.

7) The military and secret agencies after projecting Taliban put the blame of every terrorist attack on them escaping their responsibility to tackle them.
8) The media most of which is anti Pakhtun has made Taliban synonymous with Pakhtuns so that any struggle by them can be easily labelled as anti state and gives the military a justification for crushing their struggle for their rights and emancipation.

9) Last but not least, it is least known that Pakistan Military, Taliban  and the USA are all afraid of popular movements and uprisings while they prefer to deal with their agent-in-uniform as it is easy to buy the loyalties of one man than to buy that of dozens of political leaders.

10) The US seems to be controlling the Pakistani military and the military is controlling the Pakistani politicians who in turn are mesmerizing the masses. It needs a rebellious spirit who can in reality prevent Pakhtuns of Pakhtunkhwa from the inevitable disaster to which they are proceeding slowly but surely due to being a citizen of Pakistan.

It is therefore concluded that Pakhtuns need to identify a genuine leader who could help Pakhtuns and other oppressed and poor people of Pakistan. He should be a person/party which has had anti establishment and anti imperialist stance and had never compromised on it in the past. Any other leader or party though might seem to be good for Pakhtuns and they might have sincere followers too, are not indeed on the way which leads to the emancipation of Pakhtuns and other poor people.

Terrorism in the Pashtun Land - Analysis

This is how I analyse the current catastrophic situation created by Pakistani Establishment and US Power Elite in Pakhtunkhwa.

1) What is going on in Pakhtunkhwa is a part of the US strategy to destabilise the northern belt touching China - the future target of American imperial hegemony.

2) Pakistan being a friend of China and having nuclear teeth is a heel of Achilles for the US.

3) The trade route of China through Pakistan to the hot waters via Gwadar has to be blocked to make China starve for Oil.

4) In order to control Pakistan, the ideal situation is that it should be in the hands of army as it is easy to handle a Pakistani general than to invest in buying the loyalties of hundreds of politicians.

5) The recent events especially the Lawyer's movement and criticism of military by pro democracy politicians , nationalists , intellectual efforts like Ayesha Siddiqa's Military Inc. and Media exposed the role of Pakistan army and military institutions.

6) It was difficult for the army to regain the reigns of power back in Pakistan; army and US had to plan the Swat operation.

7) Puppets like TTP and others were projected to world media while they were the military people who were aided by the US and Pakistan army to take control of the Pakhtunland in the garb of religion. Some thousand primitive mullas neither have the balls nor the brains to launch such an organised operation without the aid and master plan of Pentagon through Pakistan army.

8) The Taliban criminals who were all criminals were encouraged to terrorise people and take control of the Pakhtunland.

9) Media projected them as a threat to the integrity and nuclear capability of Pakistan and the terrorist activities which were done by them made the people hate them hence indirectly creating a soft corner for the army.

10) As a result of increased "successful" operations by army and increasing the terrorist activities by the Taliban, the situation was made more and more grave day by day.

11) The logical consequence of this well organised and well planned effort was paving the way for the military rule. The glorification of army on media was a part of this plan.

12) The next step would have been to contain and block China. 

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