Talent Hunt and Institutionalisation in Pakhtunkhwa

It is a well known fact that the religious demagogues use our Pakhtun youngsters for Jamiat Talba Islam , Islami Jamiat Talba, Shabab Milli , Pasban, Mubaligheen, and a lot of these stereotyping institutions inculcated into our society by Pakistani Establishment. We need to save our youth from the de-politicisation and stereotyping movement started by the military establishment especially in Pakhtuns and generally in other nations.

Before our youth become the scapegoats for the global Arab domination and sacrifice their lives for those religious leaders whose sons and daughters are getting higher education in the west, it would be good to utilise their zeal and fervour for the goals which benefit our soil and future generations. There should be creative activities for these youngsters to take them into confidence and give them an opportunity to use their creative talents for the nation instead of wasting them for metaphysical utopias.

One should be clear about the following points about institution building in Pakhtunkhwa:

1) Whether you want the organisation to be a business venture or a welfare organisation?

2) If you want the organisation to be a welfare organisation then you have to lose nothing , if someone else does something for the welfare of Pukhtoons we should be happy. We do not have the proprietary rights of Pukhtun welfare.

3) If you intend the organisation to be a commercial enterprise then we have to respect the expectations of the members. They will have expectations and hence choices. The commitment level of any member of the organisation would be proportional to his status in the organisation.

4) If any person has realised any idea we should appreciate the person. Whatever we discuss is for the nation.

5) If you are aiming at business then we might get lost in the abyss of nostalgic superiority complex by not opting for starting business from a small scale.

6) In order to trigger a welfare project you need to announce the project and then ask for the statements of Interest from all those investors who need to invest in the project and wait for the response.

I, therefore, suggest the following steps for all those organisations which aim to utilise creative activities of our youth in Pakhtunkhwa:

1) Establish Organisation/NGO/Limited Company/Trust

2) There should be a Board of Directors which should run the whole show. The directors would have equal share and stake in the decision making. They can be the main contributors and share too. They should be legally responsible for the organisation and its activities and should contribute a minimum amount of financial or intellectual resource as their basic contribution. They should be the ones to decide the matters of organisation.

3) The Media Wing of the organ should take care of website plus any media coverage and projection.

4) The Research wing should be another organ. It should take care of academic research on all Pakhtun related issues.

5) The Welfare wing should be the third one. It should take care of all welfare related works.

We Pukhtuns have drastically failed to understand the psyche of our people. Like any nation our people are interested in visible and tangible things. Bacha Khan's call for unity of Pukhtoon is still a dream while when he asked that we need to form a khudai khidmatgaar "lashkar" then so many volunteeered. Similarly when he set up a school then Pukhtuns volunteered to teach in those schools as it was a visible target and goal. Ahmed Shah baba's voice for Pukhtun unity would have been a cry in the desert if he had not aimed at fighting the Mahrattas of India in course of forming an Afghan empire. Therefore I would suggest that the focus of institutionalisation should be to achieve a concrete goal. I think our prime and foremost focus should be our people and their welfare though in a professional way. It is better to earn pennies through our indigenous institutions than to expect millions in charity as we need to set a precedence for our people. 

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