Pakhtun National Awareness Program

Pakhtun National Awareness Program


Without relying on the respective govts of countries Pakhtuns are living in, Pakhtuns should focus on their national goals, priorities, preferences and challenges in their way to have a bright future for their offspring and future generations. The more Pakhtuns depend upon other nations, the more they will lose their right of self determination as well as political freedom and sovereignty. The most important thing to realise is that the Pakhtuns in power should not let go a single right which belongs to the Pakhtun nation and use all means to get their rights from those who have snatched them. It is advisable for the Pakhtuns masses that they should consider the worst case scenario while dealing with any of their issue and based on that assumptions formulate practical ways and means to implements practical plans to achieve their goals.

It is the cry of the day to launch a Pakhtuns National Awareness [PNA] program which should aim at offering formal and informal socio-politico-economic awareness to the Pakhtun masses specially focusing on both male and female youth.

Domain of Awareness

Literature on the following subjects [and the list can be modified continuously] should be written, recorded and propagated among Pakhtun masses to promote the sense of nationhood in them. The PNA ideas should also be delivered via live talks, debates, speeches etc to every Pakhtun in every possible way.

1. Language

·Pashto Language
·Challenges in the Promotion of Pashto


·Pakhtun Tribes




·Pakhtun Political History
·Pakhtun Role in History
·Pakhtun Dynasties
·Pakhtun Historic Personalities
·Pakhtun Movements
·Pakhtun military history

5.Critique of Past

·Critique of Pakhtun history
·Critique of Pakhtun Parties
·Critique of Pakhtun Personalities
·Critique of Pakhtun Society
·Critique of Pakhtun State – Afghanistan

6.Pakhtun Issues

·Pakhtuns Social Issues
·Pakhtun Women issues
·Pakhtun Political Issues
·Pakhtun Economic Issues
·Pakhtun Educational Issues

7.Pakhtun Demographics

·Pakhtuns and the modern world
·Pakhtuns and Afghanistan
·Pakhtuns and Pakistan
·Pakhtuns and India
·Pakhtun Expatriates

8. Pakhtun Resources

·Pakhtunkhwa Resources
·Pakhtunkhwa Industrial base
·Pakhtun Professionals
·Pakhtun Electronic Media
·Pakhtun Export Products
·Pakhtun Print Media
·Pakhtunkhwa Products
·Pakhtun Organizations
·Pakhtun Political parties
·Pakhtun Welfare organizations
·Pakhtun Legends
·Pakhtun Movements

9.Pakhtun Serious Issues

·Pakhtuns and International Politics
·Pakhtuns and Religion


·Pakhtun Culture
·Pashto Music
·Pakhtun Artists
·Critique of Pakhtun Culture
·Critique of Pakhtuns Social Norms
·Pakhtunwali and Modern Science
·Pakhtuns and Revolution
·Reforms in Pakhtun Society
·Pakhtun and Arts


·Future of Pakhtuns
·Vision for Pakhtun Future
·Pakhtuns and other Nations
·Pakhtuns and the Modern age
·Pakhtuns and Contemporary Challenges
·Pakhtuns and Cyber world
·Institutionalisation of Pakhtuns Society
·Pakhtuns State

[Note: This is just a recommended list and is subject to change]

Salient features of the Program

·The syllabus of study should be dynamic depending upon the contemporary needs as well as the resources available for its execution

·The literature may be in the form of pamphlets, audio lectures, videos or Internet sources

·The program should levels for different age and understanding levels. Level 1 might be for teen age group. Level 2 should be for Youngsters while level 3 should be for middle aged persons.

·There should be initiatives for the periodic visits of some orators and ideologues for the propagation of these ideas to various parts of Pakhtunkhwa

·All means like workshops, seminars, lectures, presentations, gatherings, corner meetings, Cultural melas, pamphlets, banners, literature, courses and presentations should be used to propagate the message.

Indicators of success:

The following are some important indicators of success.

·Training workshop conducted for the level 1 or level 2 or advanced level of Pakhtun National Awareness Program [PNA] program.

·Program conducted in the media on one or more of PNA topics.

·Youth talking about PNA ideas in their gatherings, debates, writings, get-togethers, or other events which are related to the Pashto or Pakhtuns.

·Intellectual debate, discussion or writing by Intelligentsia or professionals about PNA ideas in their relevant area of specialty or professional fields.

·Visit to any area made by an Ideologue/s to talk about the PNA ideas.


In the contemporary age it seems that [electronic, print and cyber] media has not only become the fourth pillar of state but is one of the movers and shakers of any govt in addition to a pressure group for shaping up the future of a country.

I feel that the only institution, if controlled effectively, which can challenge the autocratic policies of military and secret agencies in Pakistan, will be media. It is my intuition that even political parties will become ineffective in future without having an effective media wing and in some cases it is quite possible that a powerful person from media might give alternative leadership to Pakhtuns.

It is therefore suggested that the educated Pakhtuns should use the various modes of media by becoming an indispensible influential part of it to execute the PNA program.

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