Role of Religious Parties in the Destruction of Pakhtunkhwa

This is extracted from Pukhtoon Khan book " Religious Exploitation of Afghans and World Peace"
Any body, who claims that the workers of the retrogressive fanatic organizations like Jummat Islami, Tanzeemi Islami, Tableeghi Jummat or Jamiat Ulema Islam (F or S factions) are innocent, as far as the terrorism in the Pakhtunland is concerned, is making a mistake.

Let us take the example of Jummat Islami (JI) itself. This party was established by Abul Ala Mawdudi, who started his struggle in Pathankot, India. Being a learned man from an educated religious family and with an exposure to journalism coupled with very strong writing skills, he wrote “Al-Jihad fil Islam” which is his renowned book. In this book he presented Islam as a revolutionary utopian ideology and invited the Muslims of India to establish an Islamic government.

He then established Jumaat Islami and won the sympathies of intelligentsia from across the subcontinent. He opposed the creation of Pakistan but with a view point, different from that of Husain Ahmed Madani and the Nationalists. However he migrated to Lahore after the partition. Later his party participated in the power politics and became a part and parcel of the Pakistani system and made all those compromises which Abul Ala Mawdudi condemned before the partition.

The post partition history of JI is full of compromises and backing the dictators in a dream to make Pakistan a theocratic state. But the philosophy of history, despite the justification of imperialism by scholars like Mawdudi, works on some other principles. Pakistan, which was claimed to be created as an ideological state, could not survive due to its weak foundations, as predicted by Abul Kalam Azad.

The national struggle of Bengalis against the oppression and exploitation of Punjabi military succeeded with the creation of Bengla Desh after the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Bengalis by the Punjabi army in the early seventies.

JI then supported Chowdry Zia ul Haq after falling prey to his trap of Islamisation which was a means to legitimize his illegitimate regime. In that age JI was the right hand of Pakistani army for the destruction of Afghanistan with the help of ISI and CIA.JI worked as the ideological wing of ISI and prepared a lot of Pakhtuns to fight in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, JI has been involved in sending so called Mujahidin to Kashmir to justify illegitimate occupation of "Pakistan occupied Kashmir" and pressurise India. The terrorist organization which we see today, were all created by ISI in collaboration with JI.

The JI was also actively involved,along with JUI, in supporting Taliban in Afghanistan to destabilise it and hence acting as the ideological wing for the preparation of terrorists in addition to the military facilitation ,state security and backing by Pakistan army and its intelligence agencies.

In short, JI has been involved in all those initiatives and adventures which were aimed at destroying and devastating the land of Afghans across the Durand line.

We have so many movements in Pakistan and the center of all these movements is Punjab as making people passively religious helps Punjab to maintain its domination and illegal control of resources in Pakistan.
Tableeghi Jumaat movement is one such movement, for example. It is specialized in depoliticizing the masses against the atrocities of the state. The main target is Pakhtun areas, provinces and population. It is a nursery and a breeding ground for extremism and terrorism. Once the Tableeghi Jumaat depoliticizes its member and makes them passive then these stereotype members can easily fall prey to any extremist or terrorist organization.

Raiwind in Punjab is the center of this mass stereotyping movement. It is controlled by the high up in the military of Pakistan to use it as religious means for legalising their illegal occupation over the resources of the oppressed nations in Pakistan. It is for this reason that Nawaz Sharif is one of the patrons of Tableeghi movement and is himself based in Raiwind

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