The Intrinsic Contradictions of Pakistan

The balkanization of Pakistan seems to be destined due to its internal contradictions.
1) The country was claimed to have been created in the name of religion while neither Mohammad Ali Jinnah approved of this idea nor Iqbal. Both wanted separate provinces within the Indian confederacy.
2) Other than sold out Pakhtuns, Sindhis, Mahajirs, Seraikis and Kashmiris who are the peons of Punjab [every nation has such black sheep and scum], the majority of these nations hate Pakistan's higher echelons of power represented by killers-for-hire Military, boot licking civil beauraucracy, Feudal Punjabi class, pseudo intellectuals and biased media.
3) "India phobia" and "Islam mania" are the two tools which the elite class of Pakistan uses to exploit the wealth and resources of various nations living in Pakistan.
4) There is an ideological clash between the fundamentalists and the progressive minded Pakistanis which has made Pakistan a failed state. If Pakistan does not stick to its theocratic stance it loses its reason for existence and if it sticks to it then it goes by atleast one thousand years back in history. Pakistan cannot make a choice as the so called two nation theory has also already been proved wrong with the creation of Bengal. The brave nation which got freedom from the shackles of Punjab - a precedent to be followed by the freedom fighters in Baluchistan, Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh.
5) The monster of Taliban which was created by ISI to destabilize Afghanistan and to have strategic depth against India has fired back and the drama which was fabricated by military has reached GHQ, Sargodha, Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi after destroying Pakhtunkhwa initially.
6) Pakistan has become a synonym for terrorism, nuclear proliferation, fundamentalism, a military empire and a hell on earth for her inhabitants, after destabilizing Afghanistan by its agencies. It has lost all justification for its existence in the eyes of its own people as well as international community.” Pakistan Zindabad" has now been replaced by "Pakistan say Zinda bhaag". [Escape Pakistan while alive]
7) Pakistan is like a reactionary man with no genuine desires, aims and ambitions of its own. It equates herself to India and Israel. While the fact is there is no comparison whatsoever in the excellence achieved by these states despite being projected as enemies by Pakistani media. It is a matter of a decade and if India survived its north south differences it has all the potential to become the second super power after china. We see it with our own eyes here in the Middle East. The brain behind Aramco, Sabic, Adnoc, batleco, QP, Rasgas etc and construction industry is 90 percent Indian.
8) By presenting history in a distorted manner and using false lies about Pakhtuns, Baloch and Sindhis who are justified to fight for their freedom and liberty, as projected in Pakistan studies by Ahmed Qureshi, I.H.Qureshi, Altaf Gohar etc and other writers who have no conscience, it is difficult to fool all people all the time.

An Outline for High School Curriculum for the Third World Countries

An Outline for High School [Grade 6 to 10] Curriculum for the Third World Countries

by Pir Rokhan

Dated 12-03-12


· Mandatory First /Mother Language [ for example Pashto , Tamil, Dari, Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi etc]

· Optional Second Language English / Arabic / Urdu / Hindi etc.

Health and Hygiene

· Mandatory Principles of Health and Hygiene including Balanced Diet, Healthy Food etc.

· Optional Diseases, Cure and Pharma education

Emergency Management

· Mandatory First Aid in various accidents / shocks/ attacks/trauma/ mishaps

· Optional dispensing/nursing /cure education

A Dialogue beween Taliban and Technologist

Taliban: What do you recommend us to do in order to establish the system of Salat [Prayer] in Afghanistan?Ilamyar: What do you mean by establishing the system of Salat?

Taliban: I mean a system wherein the Muslim of Afghanistan are able to pray five times a day in their local mosques , Congregational [Friday] prayer in a larger mosque and Eid [Annual] Prayer in the largest mosque of the city?

Technologist: Please define local mosque, larger mosque and largest mosque?
Taliban: Local mosque should be a building which can accommodate between 1000 to 2000 persons.
  1. It should have water supply system for ablution [a part of prayer in which certain parts of the body are washed with clean [not necessarily drinking] water.
  2. It should have a room and bathroom for the in charge of the mosque.
  3. It should have some provision of lighting and some sort of clean mat for the Muslims to stand for prayer.
  4. Additionally there should be some audio arrangement for the call of prayer to be heard by the population around.
  5. It would preferable if the floor of the mosque is not plain soil as it becomes muddy in case of rains.
  6. The building should have a hall with solid roof to be safe from environmental conditions.
  7. There should be a system of communication between the incharge of the mosque and the govt authority so he could be paid emoluments and other directives for his services regularly by the govt.
  8. The communication should also ensure that he is offering his services in time and whatever responsibilities are assigned to him by the govt are being executed successfully and the population has no complaints in this regard.
Technologist: What do you mean by other directives? I want his job role so I could think of possible facilities he would need to complete his duties.

Taliban: It means the govt would like to keep a track of what lectures he is delivering to the people around, what sort of services is he offering, whether he is facing any problems and could the govt help him in overcoming the problems, plus any re-construction or repair related issues, allocation of funds for the mosques, visits by authorities etc.
Technologist: What about the housing facility of the incharge in case he is married?
Taliban: Yes there should be a room for the incharge in case he is bachelor; if he is married he would be offered a housing facility.
Technologist: I think I got a fairly good idea about your first requirement hence I would suggest the following before we go to your next requirement as your second and third requirement that is Juma [ Friday] and Eidgah [Annual Prayer] Mosques are just the extensions of your first requirement.
In my opinion the contents of your first requirement implies the following:
Let me opine about the first requirement - the system of timing for Salat [prayer]. The concept of five times prayer at specific times means that we need a time management system for the mosque. A basic form of it is the use of wall clocks. It can be programmed, to make it a bit sophisticated, so that it rings the bell at prayer times after being programmed for these timings based on the Muslim calendar. There are two ways to have the wall clocks on mass level. Either you will have to import them or you will have to produce them indigenously. If you import them you need to have a system for import/export in place in your country which can execute the transaction.

If you need a system for import/export you will either need to either pay the price in cash to the exporting partner or lend it on credit unless the exporter wants to give the goods as a gift to your country. In both cases you need a financial accounting system and a banking system to execute the transaction practically. On the other hand if you want to produce the clocks indigenously in your country then you need an industrial infrastructure for the production of clocks. This necessarily means that your country has industrial units which are manufacturing clocks on regular basis in your country. An industrial unit can either be domestic or commercial. Clocks manufacturing is not a home based industry it needs electronic circuits and other associated raw materials combined to become a finished product.

The electronic circuits need to be programmed in case you need digital circuits. This implies that you need the skills of software engineers and programmers. The age of clocks with mechanical machinery is over and mechanical or analog clocks are rarely used now a day. Similarly the commercial industrial unit would need to arrange for all the raw materials and spare parts needed for the manufacturing of digital clocks.

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