Analysis of post NATO scenario in Afghanistan

Analysis of post NATO scenario in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has always been used as a chess ground for Int'l and neighboring powers and Afghans/Pashtuns have always been used as cannon fodders by imperialist powers to safeguard their national interests. Greeks, Mongols, Mughal, British and now Punjabis have used their might to strengthen their empires. Pakistan used Afghans and Afghanistan to safeguard her integrity and milk US by propagating the false propagandas of Jihad against occupiers and fight in the name of Islam as well as homeland hence helped US to be the leader of a unipolar world.

PDPA and Dr Najib, whatever ideology they believed in, were helping Afghanistan to become a developed state and that is why they were hated by Pakistani establishment. The mistake which they did was to overestimate the socio-political evolution of Afghans and their attempt to jump from a less evolved social level to a more evolved political structure directly bypassing the intermediate stages and neglecting the religious inclinations and tribal affiliations of the people. 

My analysis of US/NATO presence mandated by UN [real or fake] is as follows:

US or any other westren country never had any intentions of occupying Afghanistan as it has nothing other than strategic geo-political status. Their interest has always been to safeguard their regional interests and help secure their countries against the threats of religeous extremists elements.

The second interest of NATO countries in Afghanistan is to curb extremism and terrorism in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistanis do not like the same Quran and Sunnat, for their own country but love to help all those factions and groups in Afghanistan who were used to make the world unipolar and have their foolish and out of date interpretation of Islam for the Afghans to drag them back into the medieval ages. This is the dichotomy of the Pakistan establishment.

Their third interest is the selling of arms by catalyzing intra-tribal and sectarian differences in the third world countries. It is well known that US corporations have monetary interests in such wars and operations.

 Their fourth interest is to check the movement and advancement of China to access the trade route to Arabia Gulf wherein Pakistan comes to picture again.

Hence the first world is not interested in occupying Afghanistan contrary to Gulf and North African states which they want to colonise economically by taking control of their oil resources.

Unfortunately being far from political realities, the zealouts and propagandists consider the presence of US or NATO in failed states like Afghanistan or Pakistan etc as intervention and the completion of their mission as retreat. This can help motivate juvenile minds but is far from mature political realities prevalent in the world.
I agree we should resist any occupation and imperialist design and that is why I urge upon Afghans not to get deceived by labels like Muslim brother countries like Pakistan or O.I.C or Arabs etc as states are run by national interests based on pragmatic realities and not by utopian philosophies.

With the withdrawal of ISAF/NATO forces, the following are likely to happen:

 1) A civil war in Afghanistan between tribes and factions in which Taliban would be backed by Pakistan and others by other countries.

 2) An active interest of neighboring countries like Pakistan, Iran and India in Afghanistan.

 3) Another surge of migration and hence a loss of lives and property and a second rate citizenship in another country without dignity and respect.

 4) Afghanistan becoming a chessground for the int’l powers again.

The US or any other western state is not the enemy of Afghanistan atleast they have a mandate [real of fake] from UN to be in Afghanistan. They are non Muslims hence their status is known to Afghans [meaning in case they cross their mandate and try to become occupiers then Afghans can easily fight them].

Unlike the foolish conceptions of freedom and sovereignty which third world countries are suffering from [that is: claiming sovereignty and freedom without economic independence], the first world countries have other interests, like curbing extremist and terrorist elements in Pakistan from spreading all over, selling their weapons by encashing intra-tribal enmities or sectarian differences or having a check on China for using the trade route to the Arabian gulf etc.

It is Pakistan which pretends to be Muslim neighbor country but is the real enemy of fellow muslim Afghans/Pashtuns. The enmity of Pakistan towards Afghans is clear from her ethnic cleansing policy towards Pashtuns in Pakistan [by labeling them as terrorists] and GHQ's policy of keeping Afghanistan unstable to keep her dependent on Pakistan.

As I said earlier, the concept of freedom of third world countries is fake. When you have no industry, no manufacturing, no human resource, no infra structure, no logistics and no other pre requisites for economic independence how can you even think of political sovereignty and freedom. Political freedom without economic independence is a mirage.

It is therefore suggested that after the completion of US/NATO mission, Afghans should continue the democratic process and even ask Taliban to form a political faction/party and let Afghans elect those whom they like. With continuous electioneering process, when all those who want to represent Afghans have to go back to the masses to ask for vote, those who are foreign proxies or concocted parties working for their vested interests will be slowly eliminated.

 Presidential form of govt should be adopted so that a person is free to realise his agenda with the help of his party and does not have to get much involved in the dirty power politics. Whatever institutions have been developed in the last decade should be strengthened based on the principle of "right man for the right job".

 Defence should be given top importance. Afghanistan should have a political and military immunity to survive and progress.
Justice and education should be the other priorities in the list. Justice is a pre requisite for survival while education which gives birth to a techno-creative culture is the means to progress and prosperity.

The principle of " Al-aqrab fal-aqrab" [First comes first] says that it is obligatory for the Afghans to defend their land first against all hegemonial powers be they muslim or non muslim. There is no need to worry about the rest of the world when your own homeland is a playground for the big game played even by Muslim autocratic and theocratic states that are ever ready to invest in Afghanistan to safeguard their political interests.

The principle of "wa ayyiddo lahum mas tata'a min quwa'a" [Prepare yourself for your enemy] dictates that Afghans should equip themselves with latest technology for which they have to study pure and applied sciences.

Quran says that " Inna katheran min ahbarun wa ruhbanun la yakuloon amwaal nas bil batil" [Most among the clergy are exploiters], hence Afghans should never look upto religious clergy to solve their national or collective issues but towards honest and competent persons with a broad vision for the country as well as for the region.

Last but not least if Afghans are not able to contribute something positive to humanity then Afghans should start the countdown for their downfall and demise.

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