Role of Pakistan in the Destruction of Afghanland

In my opinion Pakistan is the major offender which has been imposing war over Afghans. Infact I do not consider indigenous Afghan Taliban as responsible for the war in Afghanistan as back in history , their Shura had decided to get rid of OBL who was the main excuse for US war against Taliban/Al-Qaida/Afghanistan but ISI intervened and convinced Taliban to retain OBL. ISI wanted to keep Afghans in the state of war hence keeping Afghanistan dependent upon Pakistan while defending  Pakistan from US agony and war by presenting the Taliban and Al-Qaida factor as a threat to peace. There is no doubt that Taliban [if not Al-Qaida] was also ISI's brainchild nurtured to keep Afghanistan in the state of war for ever.  
I also consider that the Afghan war of 1978 was imposed by Pakistan over Afghans. General Ziaulhaq used religion for the war as Musharraf used his so called enlightened moderation in 2001 onwards. General Zia wanted to legitimize his autocratic regime by becoming a tool for the US against USSR using Afghans. He accumulated wealth for himself as well as the generals of his army and used both Afghans in Afghanistan and Pashtuns in Pakistan for his purpose. ISI recruited, facilitated and trained Jihadis in Peshawar and sent them to Afghanistan while CIA funded the war.

Musharraf also used exactly the same technique in a symmetrical form. He also legitimized his dictatorial regime using US war on Terror. He also accumulated wealth. He also ruined Pakhtunland in Pakistan and Afghanistan to safeguard Pakistan's interests of installing a puppet theocratic regime. He used Mullah Omar exactly as Zia used Gulbadin and others Jihadis of his times.

The Communist regime in Afghanistan made the mistake of introducing reforms suddenly for the transition of Afghan society to modern one ignoring the principles of evolution. Afghans need to understand just one point about Pakistan’s strategy. ISI and Army are not in favor of a stable and sovereign Afghanistan and they want to use it against India while the civilian govt of Pakistan don’t agree with military over their strategic depth policy but the civilian govt can’t do much as the real power in Pakistan rests in the hands of Army. The policy of Pakistan towards Afghanistan has badly affected Pakistan too and even her survival is in doldrums. 

War has harmed Afghans across the Durand line and even Pakistan. If religious guys have a better solution for the progress and prosperity of Afghanistan then they should come into power via popular mandate and prove it. In my opinion, however, Afghan religious leadership has nothing to offer to better governance and I am sure even their perception of religion is also primitive and tribalistic which does not conform to the modern pre requisites of running a state. That is why Pakistan does not want Taliban for their own country they only recommend them for Afghanistan. 

In my opinion the communist strategy which dealt with either Russians or the resistance forces of ISI-CIA backed mujahedeen was mistaken. It was cold war era and a bipolar world so the communist regime in Kabul was supposed to seek help just on non-military, diplomatic and technological fronts from Russia. Invitation to Russian troops was not wise. War causes casualties. Pakistani forces killed approximately 3 million Bengalis just because they wanted to get freedom from Punjabi establishment. Anyway I do not support killing or massacres in any case.

Afghans should not accept any forced ideologies whether it was communism of PDPA or the Taliban's version of Islam. However it seems that the Pakistani establishment like Taliban version of Islam to be imposed over Afghans to drag them back to medieval ages.

I don’t know why Afghans are against secularism. First of all democracy and secularism are the products of an Industrial society and hence third world countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan need to do a lot of homework to qualify for these systems. Pakistan is agrarian and Afghanistan is tribal society. A lot of spadework has to be done before these countries deploy secularism and democracy. In secularism, state and clergy are segregated from each other. You can be a shia or sunni or wahabi or hindu or Christian etc and practice your religion freely. We should not stigmatize concepts without knowing their practical utility in statecraft.

Pakistan has a lot of HR potential which has been wrongly used by the exploiters of the military elite for their purposes. Whether Pakistan is strong or not it is stronger than Afghanistan in many aspects and this is the bitter pill you need to swallow in case you want to progress without falling prey to any inferiority complex. Pakistan foreign policy towards Afghanistan is controlled by military and is critcised by analysts both in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan.

In case of nation states it is always the national interest which rules not any ideology. Even Stalin ultimately realized this fact and presented a national version of socialism to USSR. A state should always have an intrinsic strength to stand upon her feet and should not look onto others for her survival, functioning or working. Applying this concept on today’s Muslim world, it will be foolish for any Muslim country to think that other Muslim countries are there to run the state for them or to help them.
The ineffective status of OIC and the delusional concept of Muslima Umma are useless in political sense. A simple example is that Saudi wants to use your land [Afghanistan] for their ideological indoctrination and also want to fight their wars against Shias or others calling you brother but when you go there for Hajj you need visa and all other pre requisites which any foreigner non Muslim would need. In that case they forget that you are Muslim brother and neither needs visa or any other restriction to get into an Islamic country. Infact some western countries like US and UK don’t need visa and they can just walk in while you have to go through a lot of humiliation of the typical rude Bedouin mentality in case you want to perform an Islamic obligation like pilgrimage.

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