Dilip Kumar House in Peshawar declared National Heritage

The govt of  Khyber  Pakhtunkhwa has finally declared the old house of Muhammad Yusuf Khan aka Dilip Kumar located in Mohalla Sethian near the historic Kissa Khani Bazar in Peshawar as a national heritage. Being the prime victim of indifference of Pakistani govt since it  was annexed with Pakistan fraudulently  by the so called Muslim League of those times, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province [named as North West Frontier Province by the British Raj] and Pakistani govt both have never taken any respectable steps for preserving the historical monuments, places, houses, statues or other buildings in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Even the oldest living city in Asia and the Capital of the province [and the ex winter capital of Afghan Durrani dynasty of Ahmed Shah Durrani] aka Peshawar has always been neglected by both Federal and Provincial govts in Pakistan. It was only during the era of the Nationalists belonging to Awami National Party [ANP] that some measures were taken to preserve or redecorate the historic buildings in Peshawar.
 Now the current govt of Imran Khan has taken the step to declare the old house of Dilip Kumar as the national heritage and has vowed to redecorate the century old building to convert it into a museum. It is appreciable step and we expect that the  National Directorate of Archaeology will take more steps to preserve the National heritage of Peshawar. Likewise the house of Bollywood King ShahRukh Khan in Peshawar should also be declared as a national heritage
Peshawar has given birth of legends of International fame. The three great Khans known worldwide that is Shahrukh Khan -the King of Bollywood ,Jehangir Khan and Jansher Khan - the multiple times Squash World Champions are also the sons of Peshawar. 
Dr. Abdullah Sadiq who is a Nuclear Physicist also belong to Takaal area located in Peshawar. Dr.Abdul Majeed Mian who was one the greatest Mathematicians and Physicists and simultaneously Chairman of Mathematics and Physics departments in University of Peshawar lived and died in University Town Peshawar was another proud son the soil.
The Kanishka stupa - a monumental stupa established by the Kushan king Kanishka during the 2nd century AD [122-157] in today's Shah-ji-Dheray is also in outskirts of Peshawar, Pakistan. In the 7th century AD the Kanishka Stupa was described by Chinese pilgrims as the tallest stupa in all India. The site needs to be explored and rehabilitated for making it a national heritage for the Buddhists of the whole world and specially of South east Asia. Peshawar [Purush pura] used to be the main capital of Kanishka while the other was Bagram in today's Afghanistan.

In Peshawar , the family house and tomb of Rahman Baba - the most popular Pashto mystic poet is also located. The tomb was built for the visitors but was destroyed by the extremists Taliban in the recent years.

Peshawar has always been a city of guests from across the world who were welcome by the local people with great love, respect and humility. It was during the Military dictatorship of General Zia ul Haq from Pakistani Punjab and then another General Musharraf from Karachi who set the city ablaze with their dictatorial policies to preserve their dark history and to make the future of the city and its inhabitants as dark as their skin.

Peshawar used to be called the city of Flowers and in another interpretations - a city of Professionals in the old times of South Asian history [Pushpa-pura - the city of Flowers]. There is a strive by the current govt to revive its history of being a green and flowery city which is encouraging for the inhabitants of the city.

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