Pakhtunkhwa Govt and Techno Functional Specialisation

The political party of Imran Khan with its allies is in government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. He wants to see Pakistan as a modern state. He is well educated in the west and may be that is one of the reasons why he has no clue about the dynamics of politics in Pakistan. He is unable to appreciate that the west has achieved more spiritualism in the form of humanism than even the religious Saudi monarchs who refuses to give basic human rights to its citizens.  Like Shahbaz Sharif who claims himself as Khadim Aala in Pakistan the Saudi monarch also deceives the citizens by calling himself as Khadim Haramain . The deprived nations like Pakhtuns of Pakhtunkhwa want Imran and his govt in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to fight with the federal govt for their rights in getting back the power share snatched by establishment and Punjab. Both have been exploiting the wealth of smaller provinces since the very creation of Pakistan.  
A modern way to achieve the rights is to focus on the idea of techno- functional specialization in the fight for rights.   This is the age of Techno functional specialization. Functional specialization means that one should know the domain and the challenges in one's field with reference to the society. Pakhtuns have challenges in socio-politico-economic fields. To face these challenges Pakhtunkhwa govt has to be proactive and should not spare a single moment that will amount to criminal negligence on its part. Therefore preparation for the challenges should be in proportion to the challenges. Any indifference towards to the challenges of our age is basically due to ignorance. The more Pakhtunkhwa govt knows about the challenges, the more it will realize the worth of time it has to face them. 
The govt needs to find talented and capable human resource and [functional specialists].  These specialists need to analyze, resolve and follow up issues in Governance, Computerization, Agriculture, Mechanisation, Research, Development Studies,  Linguistics, History, Culture, Basic & Applied sciences, Health, Bio technology, Engineering, Economics, Financial studies, Environmental studies, Social Sciences, Gender studies,  Education,  Theology, Ethical studies etc.  The problem arises when everyone tries to master everything; it gives a low quality output which in no way is any contribution. By focusing on their fields one can get recognized in a way which is respectable in the international community. Quality assurance is a check and a means to improve continuously. The Techno Functional specialists need to reflect in a well-researched, fact based and creative style.  They should help govt. in setting targets over a span of next 5, 10, 15, years for a clear vision of the future.  When the Pakhtunkhwa government achieves its targets , it needs to know the method to translate the fruits of all its achievements to public. 
The crux of the matter is that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government should search for persons with specific specialisation, fields of interests, expertise, passions for accepting the challenges of representing Pakhtuns and their history, land and culture intellectually and effectively to win the fight for all their rights.  

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