An Outline for High School Curriculum for the Third World Countries

An Outline for High School [Grade 6 to 10] Curriculum for the Third World Countries

by Pir Rokhan

Dated 12-03-12


· Mandatory First /Mother Language [ for example Pashto , Tamil, Dari, Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi etc]

· Optional Second Language English / Arabic / Urdu / Hindi etc.

Health and Hygiene

· Mandatory Principles of Health and Hygiene including Balanced Diet, Healthy Food etc.

· Optional Diseases, Cure and Pharma education

Emergency Management

· Mandatory First Aid in various accidents / shocks/ attacks/trauma/ mishaps

· Optional dispensing/nursing /cure education

Technical Skills

· Mandatory skill in any one of the following: Cellular phones/ Computers/ Sewing/ knitting/ woodwork/ blacksmith/ Electrician/ Mechanic / Performing Arts/ Fine Arts / Music / Media technologies etc etc…

· Optional Internship or documentation of skill acquired


Mandatory education of Logic
Optional vocal/oratory/writing education

Basic Sciences

Mandatory Science /Mathematics/ Social Sciences education
Optional Physics/ Biology/Chemistry education

Environment and Pollution

· Mandatory Environment education

· Optional Education of Issues related to Environment and Pollution

Industrial Education

Mandatory Industrial Supply Chain Education
Optional Study of one specific local industry

Institutional knowledge
Mandatory knowledge of basis state institutions
Optional knowledge of global institutions

Legal Education
Mandatory knowledge of human rights
Optional knowledge of local/country/religious law

Culture Education

· Mandatory Local Cultural Education

· Optional Study of any other cultural community

Religious Education

· Mandatory Local Religious Education

· Optional Study of any other religious group

Personality Development

Mandatory knowledge of Personality Development
Optional Education of Personality Traits, Disorders, Qualities like Leadership, Management etc

Sports and Physical Training

Mandatory exercise using Yoga / Judo / Karate or other techniques
Optional participation in any indoor or outdoor games

Exceptional Studies

Mandatory one to one student counseling for exceptional students
Optional Creative classes based on specific talents and faculties for Exceptional Students

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