Swat Operation - Lessons to be learnt

Swat Operation - Lessons to be learnt

Swat was a paradise on earth before its merger with Pakistan. The seeds of hell were sown in its soil when the Pakistani agencies started using Sufi Mohammad as their puppet to ask for the restoration of an obsolete legal system which was promulgated for the city state of medina considering the Arab Bedouin culture into considerations. Major Amir - an ISI stooge was used to back up Sufi Muhammad to use the Poor Pakhtuns of Malakand first in the early nineties which resulted in a very chaotic situation. The reason was the instability of the democratically elected govt by the criminal secret agencies of Pakistan.

The same stereotype was used the second time too to backup a military backed Mulla Fazullah, who exploited the religious sentiments of the Swatis as army after its sinking graph during the Musharraf regime sensed that they needed to show some drama to the public of Pakistan to restore their rapport. They used him and now after the restoration of peace they are again projected to be the Messiah of the nation and are ready to take the reigns of power which is their second target for which they will have to prove the failure of the democratically elected govt of PPP, ANP, MQM etc. One after another crises will be created by the establishment and bureaucracy till the situation become so chaotic that the take over of army can be justified.

Pakhtuns should realise that their life due to lack of political struggle for their rights and autonomy can be easily used for any drama to the international community and hence they will be killed and their killing will e justified by blaming them either as cessationists in the past, fundamentalists in the near past and Taliban in the present. It is the lack of political consciousness and lack of political goal which has necessitated the genocide of Pakhtuns and until they realise the gravity of situation and rise against any intervention of army, it agencies, the religious clergy and exploitation of resources by the civil and military resources by Punjab, they are destined to suffer.

The Swat operation however is a blessing in disguise. It has helped to prove the following bitter realities to Pakhtuns:

1) That it is wrong to support representative of clergy due to the unjustified sanctity of that institution in Pakhtun society.

2) That the tighter the grip of religion the more miserable will be the life of people.

3) That military always use the common man and innocent people as guinea pigs for their nefarious designs.

4) That unless the nation is conscious about its political rights in the country it is destined to suffer.

5) That at the end of the day, it was the Pakhtuns culture which realised the sanctity of Pakhtunwali by supporting and helping the IDPs.

6) That they have to support nationalist elements vis-a-vis religious bigots in any political situation and crises.

7) That the power elite will spare no chance to grab more influence in Pakhtun land and use its resources human, natural and economic to their advantage even at the cost of innocent lives of Pakhtuns.

It is therefore suggested that Pakhtuns should take a stand against all those elements which inculcate the seeds of religious indoctrination in Pakhtuns and also know that the civil and military beauraucratic establishment of Punjab is their real enemy.

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