Analysis of Pashtun Miseries

Two observations are worth noting:

1) In general, where ever you see backwardness, irrational behavior and uselessness you will find religion there too unfortunately.

2) The moment a nation become useless it starts loosing power and consequently instead of fighting for their rights they start lamenting , crying , mourning ,disowning their failures and neglecting their limitations and faults consequently falling prey to the more useful and hence powerful nation.

The Pakhtun nation, is a perfect example of this bitter reality.

We are the most religious people on earth hence nearly the most backward people too forming the largest tribal society in the comity of nation in the 21st century. Interestingly despite that we are ultra religious we have not produced even religious scholars or leaders as compared to those nations who either have been our subjects in the history or are much weaker a race than us. Pakhtuns are mostly deobandi (Qasim Nanotwai/Mahmudul hasan-India) Sunnis or Salafi (Abdul Wahab-Najdi) or Tableeghi (Ilyas-Indian) or Shias (Iranian) or followers of Maududi's JI (Pathankot - India) or Dr Israr's TI (Hisar -Indian Punjab) and so on. If religion can be of any material benefit then we Pakhtuns have made sure not even to think about it and we have made it a point to plunge into the most fruitless and futile ventures of religion like Jihad etc.

Secondly we have not contributed sufficiently to the repository of history. Our contributions are necessarily there but they are not sufficient to win us a respectable rapport while being in a majority or a distinguished status while being in minority.

Yes we can wish for a separate homeland, or a developed and stable Afghanistan or having world leaders ,scientists ,lawyers, writers and intellectuals etc in the world but that need tremendous efforts. These efforts are nothing new. Every nation has gone through the same course of history.

We are nothing demographically as compared to Chinese - an ex-opium addicted nation but still due to their hardwork they are a candidate for the next super power. We have not been nuclearly bombed (though carpet bombed) like Japanese but still Japan is considered an industrialized and first world country.So many other examples can be quoted.

Having said that we should acknowledge that we have a glorious history but a dark present. However we still have a lot of plus points contrary to other nations to achieve our collective future goals if we want. Hence in conclusion we need to take critical decisions on national / collective level as follows:

1) We need to get rid of religious obsession and get into more and more scientific approach about life and universe. I would suggest that everyone should get self education regarding what science says about life, universe, society etc.

2) We need to aim at excellence in our fields. What we Pakhtuns lament about is nothing other than the result of our collective efforts. This is the lesson of history we need to learn.

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