Terrorism in the Pashtun Land - Analysis

This is how I analyse the current catastrophic situation created by Pakistani Establishment and US Power Elite in Pakhtunkhwa.

1) What is going on in Pakhtunkhwa is a part of the US strategy to destabilise the northern belt touching China - the future target of American imperial hegemony.

2) Pakistan being a friend of China and having nuclear teeth is a heel of Achilles for the US.

3) The trade route of China through Pakistan to the hot waters via Gwadar has to be blocked to make China starve for Oil.

4) In order to control Pakistan, the ideal situation is that it should be in the hands of army as it is easy to handle a Pakistani general than to invest in buying the loyalties of hundreds of politicians.

5) The recent events especially the Lawyer's movement and criticism of military by pro democracy politicians , nationalists , intellectual efforts like Ayesha Siddiqa's Military Inc. and Media exposed the role of Pakistan army and military institutions.

6) It was difficult for the army to regain the reigns of power back in Pakistan; army and US had to plan the Swat operation.

7) Puppets like TTP and others were projected to world media while they were the military people who were aided by the US and Pakistan army to take control of the Pakhtunland in the garb of religion. Some thousand primitive mullas neither have the balls nor the brains to launch such an organised operation without the aid and master plan of Pentagon through Pakistan army.

8) The Taliban criminals who were all criminals were encouraged to terrorise people and take control of the Pakhtunland.

9) Media projected them as a threat to the integrity and nuclear capability of Pakistan and the terrorist activities which were done by them made the people hate them hence indirectly creating a soft corner for the army.

10) As a result of increased "successful" operations by army and increasing the terrorist activities by the Taliban, the situation was made more and more grave day by day.

11) The logical consequence of this well organised and well planned effort was paving the way for the military rule. The glorification of army on media was a part of this plan.

12) The next step would have been to contain and block China. 

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