Hamid Karzai - A Man facing immense Challenges

Hamid Karzai - A Man facing immense Challenges

The Afghanistan situation is challenging but not impossible to resolve if we know the laws of cultural engineering and keep in view the historic perspective of Afghanistan. In case of Pashtuns,it is the time in history where they need to change their direction to national goals and targets in consonance with the laws of history and strive for freedom in Pakistan instead of becoming a cannon fodder for the imperialist designs of Arabs, Punjabis or any other alien force.

In case of Afghanistan one has to know the gravity of situation in which Hamid Karzai is leading the country.

Hamid Karzai is taking Afghanistan through these difficult times when Afghanistan is going through a transitional phase of trying to rehabilitate from the devastation of three decades of internal and external war. It is a very herculean and uphill task.

It should be noted that Afghanistan is a country which is inhabited by a nation which is an amalgam of the progressive Non Pashto speakers and the conservative Pashtuns, in a tribal culture but with a glorious history, and which has been a battle ground for centuries due to its geo strategic position in the past. It is one of the toughest terrain for urbanisation and mechanisation, which has been constantly under threat by its neighbours due to their imperialist designs and historic enmity with Afghans.

Hamid Karzai is a son of the soil who has been using US might to supervise the rehabilitation of the devastated land. He has played an instrumental role in converging the human and capital resources of the world not only to secure Afghanistan but also to rebuild it.

He has used the differences of the ethnic groups to the advantage of the country proving himself to be a person which statesmanship skills and an expert is statecraft.

The scattered and disillusioned Afghans with immense potential to become a glorified nation need a person who feels at home with national, local as well as international community due to his profile, who knows the business strategies devised by the movers and shakers of Halliburton on one side and the diplomatic skills to convert disadvantage to the advantage of Afghanistan, on the other.

He is the person who is well versed in the Pashto and Dari in addition to English which gives him an edge. He has worked in the higher echelons of power by the virtue of belonging to the aristocracy of the Afghans and even has been closely associated with those who were involved in the Afghan and post Afghan war.

He has taken a stand against the collateral damage as well as the opinionated US lobby who were unwilling to accept the results of the 2009 presidential election due to their political reservations. He had the courage to invite Taliban to talks despite knowing their mentors.

The foreign policy which has been pursued in his tenure has been successful in convincing the world community about the seriousness of the unrest in the Afghans due to the infiltration of Arabs, Persian, Ex-communist states , Punjabis and the ISI backed Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Afghans and Pakhtuns should appreciate a mature political approach as this is a matter of life and death for them and their motherland. Criticising unnecessarily, the Afghan struggle for the restoration of their past glory and becoming a progressive nation in the 21st century after living in a fool's paradise and Idealistic fantasy for decades, is not going to help Pakhtun and Afghans.They will have to adopt a realistic strategy.

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