To the Expat Afghans

To the Expat Afghans

In these times when Afghanistan is going through tough and challenging times but the institutions are getting stability slowly but surely, it is the moral duty of Afghans to take the following steps in order to contribute to the stability and prosperity of Afghanistan.

1) The expats should wire the foreign exchange funds to the Banks of Afghanistan so that the banks invest in profitable businesses and economic activity commences with expedited pace. The transfer of funds to the Afghans in Pakhtunkhwa should also be wired through the banks of Afghanistan to benefit them indirectly.

2) The expats should aim at establishing world class educational institution like Harvard and Cambridge which should be in the world ranking to win an academic prestige among the comity of nations. This is a very important and urgent task as there has to be an intellectual nursery for the future generations to take the reigns of power and guide the nations rightly using the ability and potential if polished in such institution. This institution ought to have political and scientific faculties and disciplines.

3) A very effective media channel which should have a credibility among Asian channels atleast but should have the potential of competing with world class channels in the future. It is a good omen that there are already very positive steps taken in this direction. Shamshad,Tulo ,Lemar, RTA are trying their best to give the right projection to the Afghan cause but still much needs to be done.

4) Entrepreneurs in the west, who are ethnic Afghans should start thinking about not only investing in Afghanistan but use their liaison with the western entrepreneurs to convince them to invest in Afghanistan. The investors should be welcome irrespective of their nationality, race, religion or creed. It is the investment of the entrepreneurs which determines the stability and economic future of a country in the modern world. Economic interests and policies dictate political decisions in the modern world.

5) Afghanistan should give a top priority to her Cricket and soccer teams in particular and her other cultural games which could become a part of the Asian games in general like buzkashi etc.This is one of the wisest way to unite a multi ethnic and multi cultural nation.

6) The expats should tie themselves up with the Afghan govt to stop the brain drain and convince the govt to give incentives to the Afghan refugees living abroad to get them settled in Afghanistan.Afhan govt should seek the help of UN agencies for that in addition to giving privileges and perks to them inside Afghanistan. The heart of a person is stuck where his home, kith and kins are in addition to the person's investment and property.

7) The expat Afghans should form Afghan think tanks and lobbies in the west and elsewhere as the most urgent task to be done in order to safeguard the national interests of Afghanistan in the International politics.

The author is Peshawar based Afghan and can be reached at

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