Social Evolution in Human race

Social Evolution in Human race

History triggers the waves of nostalgic romanticism in our lives. It throws stone into the calm ocean of our memoirs. These waves of past generate infinite transverse wave circumscribing our already disturbed life. It might be shocking but it is a fact that in the unconscious mind the past present and future are one integral whole. We seem to live in the present, anticipate future and claim to have experienced past but the truth is far from being perceived by this simple notion.

Einstein told us that time is relative and that if we move with different velocities time will be different for us such that the faster you move the more dilated the time will become till it stops when you move with the speed of light. The mystics claimed to exist at different times and different places in different forms and in different states as Rahman baba has put it by saying.

Che pa yaw qadam arsha poray rasee … ma ledalay dey raftaar da darweshaano.

[Translation: The speed of mystics witnessed by the people with insight is so fast that they reach the heavens in the blink of an eye]

Minskowski told us that time is the fourth dimension of life. There is no existence without time. Max Planck, De Broglie and Heisenberg told us that existence, which is considered to be a function of time, is just a probability.

An Urdu poet says it in the verse:

Daboya mujh ko honay nay…na hota may to kia hota…

[Translation: My existence is my biggest crime - an ingenious expression of existentialism by Ghalib].

Stephen Hawkings told us how we can manipulate time and past, present and future to exit to another part of the universe in a quantum leap using the concept of worm holes - an idea which was previously presented by H.G.Wells in other words in his Time Machine concept. The modern "theory of Everything" explained the unity in the universe which was previously established by the Grand Unification theory [GUT] by Abdus Salam on physical level and by Sigmund Freud on psychological level. When man recalls memoirs as one does not know whether they are one’s past, present or future. Man should proactively engineer his future into events and translate his wishes to be his future.

The direction of evolution changed to psychological evolution in human beings. The brain which is the centre of all emotions, feelings, intellect and wisdom was the target of evolution.
The psychological needs and the presence of developed faculties in man gave birth to various tools, instruments in order to satisfy the instincts. The instincts in case of man developed into defence, survival, hunger, sex etc. With the passage of time they got matured enough to think about abstract values like freedom, knowledge, consciousness, humanity etc. Based on that man formed families, clans, tribes, societies till the concept of state was evolved. Now we see that all those groups who have contributed to the collective evolution of humanity are considered as developed nations and you will see that the offspring of each group or nation is the output of their intellectual and social contribution to society. The families who have been teaching will see great teachers in their family. The political families will see political figures; the sportsmen will see sportsmen in their offspring.

It is therefore concluded that specialisations evolve in various forms in a group of humans whether it is a family, a clan, a tribe , a nation or a comity of nation till the group achieves excellence in that specialisation.


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