The Intrinsic Contradictions of Pakistan

The Intrinsic Contradictions of Pakistan

With the policies adopted by the power elite [mainly from Punjab] in Pakistan there is no doubt about its destiny to become history as history will prove in the coming years. One should know that as Mohammad of Arabia once said very wisely, "Al-harbo Khidyatun" [War is the name of deception] so Pashtuns, Balochis and Sindhis should not get deceived by names and sweet words by the sympathizers of Pakistan. These sympathizers are the killers of Pashtun and Baloch children , women, youngsters and men and are the boot licker of military mainly constituted of North Punjabis.

The balkanisation of Pakistan is destined due to its intrinsic contradictions.

1) The country was claimed to have been created in the name of religion while neither Mohammad Ali Jinnah approved of this idea nor Iqbal.Both wanted separate provinces within the Indian confederacy.

2) Other than few sold outs among Pakhtuns, Sindhis, Mahajirs, Seraikis and Kashmiris who are the peons of Punjab [every nation has such black sheep and scum], the majority of these nations hate Pakistan's higher echelons of power represented by killers-for-hire Military, boot licking civil beaurauocracy,Feudal Punjabi class, pseudo intellectuals and biased media.

3) "India phobia" and "Islam mania" are the two tools which the elite class of Pakistan uses to exploit the wealth and resources of various nations living in Pakistan.

4) There is an ideological clash between the fundamentalists and the progressive minded Pakistanis which has made Pakistan a failed state. If Pakistan does not stick to its theocratic stance it loses its reason for existence and if it sticks to it then it goes by atleast one thousand years back in history.

Pakistan cannot make a choice as the so called two nation theory has also already been proved wrong with the creation of Bengal. The brave nation which got freedom from the shackles of Punjab - a precedent to be followed by the freedom fighters in Balochistan, Pakthunkhwa and Sindh.

5) The monster of Taliban which was created by ISI to destabilise Afghanistan and to have strategic depth against India has fired back and the drama which was fabricated by military has reached GHQ, Sargodha, Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi after destroying Pakhtunkhwa initially.

6) Pakistan has become a synonym for terrorism, nuclear proliferation, fundamentalism, a military empire and a hell on earth for her inhabitants, after destabilising Afghanistan by its agencies. It has lost all justification for its existence in the eyes of its own people as well as international community.” Pakistan Zindabad" has now been replaced by "Pakistan say Zinda bhaag".

7) Pakistan is like a reactionary man with no genuine desires, aims and ambitions of its own. It equates herself to India and Israel. While the fact is there is no comparison whatsoever in the excellence achieved by these states despite being projected as enemies by Pakistani media. It is a matter of a decade and if India survived its north-south differences, it has all the potential to become the second super power after china. We see it with our own eyes here in the Middle East. The brain behind Aramco, Sabic, Adnoc, Batleco, QP, Rasgas etc and construction industry is 90 percent Indian.

8) By presenting history in a distorted manner and using false lies about Pakhtuns, Baloch and Sindhis who are justified to fight for their freedom and liberty, as projected in Pakistan studies by Ahmed qureshi, I.H.Qureshi, Altaf Gohar etc and other writers who have no conscience, it is difficult to fool all people all the time.

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