Pashtun Freedom and Power Politics

Pakistan was a product of British far sighted policy to prevent Afghans and Indians from becoming the next powerful nations who could challenge the British hegemonial designs. Pakistan was carved out of India using Muslim league which was a party of Nawabs and had not much people from the middle class.

In order to get rights and autonomy, Power Politics will never be fruitful for Pakhtuns in Pakistan for the following reasons:
1) Power Politics needs majority which Pakhtuns will never attain in Pakistan

2) Power Politics has reduced to a business which if adopted by Pakhtuns leaders or parties will be catastrophic to the Pakhtun problem of getting basic rights.

3) Power politics in the form of parliamentary politics is just a civilized form of grabbing the resources of other nations living in Pakistan by the civil, feudal and military elite of Punjab.

4) The real problem of Pakistan can be solved by making constitutional amendments to give max authority to the nations over their historical lands and resources and their due share in power to run their affairs in the form of provincial autonomy. Pakistani elite will never let it happen.

5) History has proved that it is the technique of acting as a pressure group and struggling for rights that a nation can achieve its rights to live a better life and this cannot be achieved via power politics.

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