Critique of Religious Authorities in Pashtun Society

Pashtuns have typical sources of knowledge in their society who are considered authentic called "Mullas". These Mullas are normally the teachers and preachers of religion who use reason,logic and argument only to their advantage.The intellectual level, academic abilities and acquaintance of contemporary social and physical sciences of a mulla are not upto mark. Most of them have obsolete knowledge about the life and universe which is transmitted to their audience without being challenged.

This is 21st century.It is worth listening to a scientist who knows much more about the world and universe then the Mullas who use religion as their source of income. What scientist is saying is based on scientific proof acceptible globally.

The problem with religeous people is that the moment they hear anything related to knowledge and science, they directly reject it attributing it to God without knowing what they mean. For example ,saying God can destroy the world does not contradict what science says.Sceince tells us how will the God destroy the world.God sends the rain may be the belief of a believer but science tells us how He sends the rain. God created the universe but how has He created is what science tells us. The illogical mentality nurtured by our religious people is a big hurdle to our progress.

Knowledge and creativity is the product of enquiry and skepticism not belief and faith. It is another bitter fact that what we call faith is just the emotional and non scientific explanation of some clergymen who have no idea of what the world and universe is all about and have conquered the minds of our simple people with their sweet words which are meant as a social requirement to get more and more alms and charity.

I would like to opine that the only logical way for considering any point of view is a skeptic approach towards it. We should neither accept nor reject a point of view if it is not supported by sufficient arguments.

The rejection of a point of view should always be the rejection of the arguments for that point of view while the acceptance of a point of view is the acceptance of the arguments for that point of view. This has been the principle of all those societies which have evolved from primitive to modern.

Pakhtuns can never progress and evolve to a higher level of scientific culture if they continue to believe in something just because their parents or ancestors used to believe in it. It is better to be a non believer with arguments than to be a believer without arguments.

Pakhtuns are broad minded,accommodating and freedom loving people by their very culture. They do not hate anyone due to one's religion ,race ,language , colour or creed. However they refuse to accept the authority of anyone who wants to impose his or her views on us without arguments and just by force.

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