The FIFA World Cup 2014 and Afghanistan

Games are thought to be a source of entertainment and pleasure. However it is generally neglected as a source of national integration and unity. We see it even in small level regional matches that the inhabitants of a country are keen to see their teams win against he opponent.

For an underdeveloped country like Afghanistan it would have been good if it had a Football team which had the ability to qualify for the FIFA world cup 2014. It is only possible if all the ethnic communities are expected to forget their differences atleast during a Football match and become one nation united to see the success of their team. Having seen more than 3 decades of war, an event like football could bring Afghanistan into the limelight of the world community. Afghanistan should never let go such opportunity.  
In the current age every game has become a science and the commentators and critics discuss the techniques and skills of the players with a direct or indirect reference to their country. Moreover the media also gives coverage to their country and its sights and sounds. This tradition in any world cup game is a very good introduction for the country and its people.
It is expected, therefore that the government of Afghanistan would invest in such an important activity in the future and encourage the players who have the potential to excel and thereby formulate a program for introducing Football at at school level which could act as a nursery for the national team in the future. It is not impossible to see Afghanistan playing in the Final with Brazil, Portuguese or Spain one day and legendary players like Christiano Ronaldo and Messy in Afghan Football team.

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