Reflections on the Pakhtun Cause

The Pakhtun cause is to become a sovereign, free and respectable nation in the world. There are two goals to be achieved for the Pakhtun cause. 

1- The Stability of Afghanistan:  

The days of using Afghanistan for strategic depth against India are gone. Afghanistan is and will remain to be a free and independent sovereign state despite of the malicious propaganda by the Punjabi dominated media of Pakistan. The sell-out Punjabised Pakhtuns on the payroll of secret agencies aka Taliban could not even divide it. Even the non-Pashtun Afghans are against any division of the unitary Afghanistan which has been the graveyard for all those who tried to ruin and devastate it. As the Durand line is not acceptable to Pakhtuns hence the issue still remains between Pakistan and Afghanistan like the Kashmir issue. 

2- Provincial Autonomy for a United Pakhtun Province in Pakistan:  

Pakhtuns are more exploited, humiliated and now killed along with a loss of language, culture, identity, history and glory in Pakistan. The only way for the Pakhtuns to remain in Pakistan is to unite them within Pakistan in a united Pakhtunkhwa province consisting of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Northern areas, Attock Mianwali, Pakhtun belt of Baluchistan as demanded by the Pakhtun nationalist parties. Provincial autonomy is the next step to make them really a part of Pakistan. This is the demand of all three provinces whose resources are being exploited by Punjab for the last 60 years plus. A true federation is the only way out for Pakistan.Pakhtuns and other oppressed nations, if given their due share and rights in governance are not in favour of merging with Afghanistan unless the compulsive forces of history merge them. The crux of the matter is that all the nationalities in Pakistan have to be given their due rights and share in power otherwise Pakistan will disappear from the map of the world. If these conditions are met Pakhtuns are not in favour of getting separated from Pakistan. It is life of dignity and honour which is what Pakhtuns demand which they don’t find in a rogue state like Pakistan which has become a symbol of dishonour, terrorism, fundamentalism, corruption and defacto rule of Punjabi army and the malicious intelligence agencies. 

The hurdles in achieving Pakhtun Cause are: 

1- The Pakistani Media: 

Pakhtuns are mesmerised by state media and curriculum taught in educational institutes so much that they do not know who was Amir Karor, Mirwais Neka, Ahmed Shah baba,Abdul Ahad Momand, Khuhshal Khan Khattak, Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai, Bacha Khan, Sanober Husain kakaji , Hamza Shinwari etc.The Pakistanised Pakhtuns now only know those British puppets who were used by them to create a banana republic for the cold war using the name of religion or those Punjabis who offered their services for safeguarding the interests of Punjab. 

2- The Power Elite of Pakistan:  

The elite class of Pakistan consisting of military and civil bureaucracy is enjoying their lives at the cost of those innocent, poor, exploited Pakhtuns, Balochis and Sindhi labour class who have been living below poverty line in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan due to the autocratic rule of Punjabi army who have been scaring the people of Pakistan with India phobia.The fact ,thought, is that the Pakistan Punjabi are the same people as their cousins across the border.A people who are no different from the Punjabis of India and Pakistan as both have the same blood, color, culture, history. It is just some Arabic phrases , sentences and rituals which the Muslim Punjabis have adopted which is not sufficient to make them different from their cousins. Pakhtuns dont even recognize the version of Punjabi Islam which justifies killing millions of Afghans and devastating their state to safeguard their interest covering it under the cover of their version of Islam. 

Three Options for Pakhtuns:  

In my opinion, Pakhtuns have three options contrary to Baloch, who have no other option but to get separate and Pakhtuns should support them to get rid of Punjabi imperialism.  

1) Pakhtuns can still can live in Pakistan (anyway the current Pakistan was an Afghan colony under Ahmed shah baba's Afghanistan) but under the condition that there should be a united province called Afghania or Pakhtunkhwa or Pakhtunistan with provincial autonomy. If Pakistanis want to run Pakistani affairs,Pakhtuns should be given equal share in power to rule.If our demands for our legal rights mean the breakup of Pakistan then Pakistan should break up sooner than later. 

2) The creation of a separate state for Pakhtuns like Baluchistan, Karachi city state (on the lines of Singapore), Sindho Desh, Bengal etc.  

3) The merger of Pakhtun land with Afghanistan.  

The Pakhtuns who were made a part of Pakistan as a result of the fraudulent referendum which all Punjabised Pakhtuns refer to in their writings are still facing the music. It is good that Khudai Khidmatgaars boycotted the drama which stamped misery and deprivation on the fate of Pakhtuns in Pakistan once and for all. Pakhtuns should think about what we have gained and what we have lost after being a part of Pakistan. Pakhtuns are Afghans and they by their very emotional and mental make up cannot consider submission to oppressor as something to be proud of. The international political scenario now needs the unification of Pakhtunland. Intellectualising our slavery, justifying the occupation of our resources by Punjab, pacifying the natural retaliation against the usurping of our property, our resources is not in the national interest of Pakhtuns. Preferring to be a slave and being proud of it and calling it wisdom is a death to the Pakhtun cause. It is not wisdom to submit our freedom to Pakistan after selling our conscience for some bucks, rather it is a shame for any Pakhtun.

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