Clergy - A Hurdle in the growth of Pashtun society

Clergy - A Hurdle in the growth of Pashtun society

Pakhtuns are traditionally the followers of the Arabian cultural ideology called Islam by the Arabs and have been the victims of intellectualisation by the clergy. The result is that instead of nurturing a culture of intellectualism their society has been suffering from intellectual stagnation.

In Pashtun society everything is defined by the mullah-presented-religion, whose latest version was developed by Abdul Wahab Najadi and later on promoted by Al Saood so we should not expect any creativity, criticism and intellectualism from Pakhtuns.

Pakhtuns have been used as guinea pigs for the survival of Pakistan and a military version of religion has been taught to them by the military junta and its agencies for their ulterior motives, how can you expect them to have liberal , secular version which can encompass and encapsulate the discoveries and the techno creative cultural values of science and technology?

Pakhtuns are a nation which has been fighting against the hegemonial and imperialist designs of the invaders and intruders all their life, would find it an exercise in futility to engage in discussion and debate which is either against their religion with which they have been hypnotised for more than a thousand years or a waste of time for their survival which has always been on stake due to their geo strategic location.

Intellectualisation is what has been taught to Pakhtuns by the mullah instead of Intellectualism. We need to liberate Pakhtuns from the false Bedouin myths, Indic philosophising mindset as well as the cultist Punjabi version of religion. The same race has otherwise given birth to those who pioneered and excelled in so many walks of life. In very recent history Pakhtuns have experienced those times when the whole world including the Arab projected sacred land was under the clutches of slavery or invasion except Afghanistan, whose inhabitants did not bow their heads to any invader or imperialist.

It is a good omen that the new generation of educated Pakhtuns after witnessing the devastations of traditional clergy , are embracing Pakhtuns nationalism by choice and conscously. However Nationalism does not just imply being part of a political party, revering the words and persona of the leaders and intellectualising their words without using one's own energies to understand the helm of affairs. It also implies helping the nation to move forward and get at par with other developed nations of the world by learning science and technology.

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