PTI's Agitation & The Status Quo

The only thing which needs to be conveyed to Imran Khan IK of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf- PTI is that although the people of Pakistan would appreciate to get freedom from Rayond's Empire but the real masters from whom the masses need freedom is the Military Might. What IK and TUQ [Tahirul Qadri the chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek - PAT] intentionally or un intentionally are doing is to divert the attention of masses from the real master to a subservient master. This way they not only cover the picture of the real master in obscurity but appreciate the existence of the real master who can put a stop to the authority of the lesser master. Infact IK's real contribution to the history of Pakistan would not be to get rid of Nawaz Sharif who can be sent to any country anytime by the real master but to raise a voice against the divine powers of the Military might in Pakistan.
About PTI , I would opine that while two things about IK are good that is : "Challenging" the status quo prevalent due to Takhte Lahore [Rayond's Empire] of PML [N] and "Determination" to do whatever he aims to achieve, the irritating thing about IK and his PTI as a whole is that they don't know the abc of "Discipline" and "Planning". PTI grabbed the reins of power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa [KP] but it turned out that they dint do any homework for that and used the province as a guinea pig and hardly learnt abc of governance. On the contrary MPs of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa never even thought of using PTI for the betterment of KP. Like most other parties in Pakistan PTI doesn't seem to have second level of leadership which could matter or have a say in the national affairs of Pakistan.

About Tahirul Qadri TUQ and his Pakistan Awami Tehreek, there are two contradictory  phenomena. The real problem of TUQ is his credibility. He gives emotional and sometimes incorrect statements on occasions under the pressure of his audience without knowing the implications or thinking about multiple scenarios and plans to tackle the situation. His contributions till now have been for the propagation of Barelvi version of  Islam for which he has reaped huge profits in the form of Tehreek Minhajul Quran. Standing for popular demands though appreciable is not conformable with his persona and credibility.
The real Power is vested in the hands of Pakistan Military forces. Unfortunately the misadventures of the military establishment did not let democracy prosper in Pakistan which was aimed to be founded , atleast as per prevalent narrative, via democratic means and as a separate homeland for the majority Muslims of North Western India. The emerging democracy was derailed by the military establishment times and again and consequently Pakistanis could not develop a collective democratic character in their collective life.
Though Pakistan is lagging behind due to a monarchic style of statecraft and the power is concentrated in the hands of few families whose kith and kins are holding the portfolios of power in the country but optimistically it is never too late. If the military establishment instead of developing its economic incorporations focuses on its real job of defending the frontiers of the country, it will not only benefit Pakistan but would increase the worth of Pakistani establishment in the eyes of the masses in reality. Consequently Political leaders will stick to political process and code and "revolution through agitation" will have no future. The notion of  "revolution through evolutions" will strengthen its roots in Pakistan. We are neither a tribal society nor a monarchy. Pakistan is a federation of multiple nationalities and cultures which are artificially amalgamated and hence wisdom , honesty and critical analysis is needed to amalgamate them into a developing nation.

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