Religious Exploitation and The Future of Asia

This is an extract from Pukhtoon Khan's book "Religious Exploitation of Afghans and Future of Asia". 

 Religious Exploitation and The Future of Asia

Nations have not been uniting in history based on religion and if they do this unification is not long lasting. A more feasible scenario which seems to be coming into existence is that the Afghans of Pakistan would unite with their Brethren in Afghanistan after liberating themselves from the clutches of an exploitative army-with-a-state called Pakistan. Abul Kalam Azad had remarked in "India wins Freedom”, about the bleak future of Pakistan. Uniting based on religion was a weak idea and will remain to be weak while uniting based on common ancestry, race, customs, traditions, language, history and culture coupled with politico-economic interests is a solid basis for unification.

US Policy towards South Asia

Barack Hussein Obama has shifted the US Policy from Osama-phobia to Islamo-philia. Now the policy of the White house will be to befriend the Muslims and use them instead of getting terrorized by them keeping in view China as the real US enemy instead of so called Muslim world. GW Bush was pursuing the policy of GWoT and used Osama-phobia to attack Afghanistan. On the contrary the Obama administration however will “change” the old policy and will be using Islamo-philia and attack Pakistan to balkanize it. The rising of a black with racially African and religiously Muslim origins to the throne of Power in a super power like US is not a miracle but a pre-planned agenda of the US power elite who are the movers and shakers of the world. For an American President being Black means that he would use the zeal and fervor of the optimistic and passionate black community both in the US as well as in African to bring the “change” and a man with Muslim lineage means that he would get the support of Muslim community against the socialist “infidels” of China this time in the Middle east and elsewhere. All this is the product of the think tank behind Obama administration known as Zbigniew Brzezinski who is the main pillar of the US Power Elite.

The following are the main points of the main points of the new US policy.

• Change the Policy of War against Islamic terrorism to Dialogue with Islamic world.

• Shift the target focus from Muslim world to China, Russia and their allies.

• Remove the influence of China from Africa (for example countries like Sudan) to cut off its access to oil and weaken its economic growth. Strengthen the Tibetan insurrection in China.

• Destabilise the allies of China like Pakistan, Sudan and Burma.

• Weaken Pakistan using pretext of bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and Taliban to divide it into smaller states like Baluchistan, Pakhtunistan and Sindho Desh and a Northern state consisting of the current FANA.

• Weaken Sudan by Christian separatist movement. Pressurize Russia by constant US presence in Afghanistan and Japan.

• Befriend Iran even bearing its nuclear teeth to use it against Russia.

• Encourage China to conquer Eastern Siberia of Russia.

• Use the ideological notion of Human Rights instead of the Muslim focused slogan of Terrorism to highlight the weak element in the socialist China.

The importance of US policy for Afghans is immense. The Obama administration might attack Pakistan in order to balkanize it. The emerging states could be Azad Baluchistan, Pakhtunistan, Sindho Desh and a state consisting of current F.A.N.A. This is the reason that Punjabi dominated Pakistani media is getting anti-nationalist and anti-US at the same time as they know that this is the only time in history of Afghans, Baloch and Sindhis when the interests of Nationalists and US are coinciding. It is worth remembering that in Afghan war the interest of Pakistani establishment and US coincided that is why they did not care about pushing Afghans and Afghans into an alien war to safeguard their interests. The media boycott of Nationalist parties like PKMAP, BNP, and Jay Sindh in Pakistani media is also understandable in this context. The leadership of Afghans should consider this agenda of the world powers while they are framing their policy for the nation. There seems to be some communication gap between Americans and Afghans.

Analysis about Indian Subcontinent

Pakistan might not survive and the Punjabis of Punjab on Pakistani side might think to unite with East Punjab and the Sindhis with their brethren in India. India with Pakistan [minus Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan] amalgamated into it can still be a strong and respectable neighbor of Afghanistan and this might become inevitable with the passage of time due to the compulsive forces of history. Similarly South India [old Tamil Nado] might also become a separate Country in the future.

Having said that there is nothing wrong if different ethnic, religious or sectarian groups get united in a state however for that a system of socio economic justice and equal rights for all is necessary failing which even such a republic may not survive. This has already happened in Pakistan which could not ensure basic human rights to Bengalis, Afghans and Baluch in the past 63 years and hence it is destined to face the music for this state level injustice. Karzai should be considered as a realistic start towards a more sovereign Afghanistan capable of facing the challenges of the modern age, keeping in view the tribal nomenclature of the Afghan polity aiming at an Afghanistan independent of foreign imposed ideals exported to Afghanistan to safeguard their own vested interests both from Muslim and non-Muslims entities and states. There is no harm in having mutually dependent goals based on national interests without falling into the trap of courtesy based on Muslim brotherhood which is a slogan used to safeguard one's vested interests in the International affairs , ignoring their otherwise autocratic , aristocratic or theocratic nature.

Analysis about Afghanistan

The result of NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan will not be different from the USSR's withdrawal , if the current endeavor by the "Karzai govt" towards making Afghanistan a republic is either sabotaged [according to the wishes of Afghanistan's neighbors] or halted by Taliban. I know the accusations on Karzai and they might be true though the source which are quoted are multiplied by zero when it comes to statistics about Taliban or others. However my view is that everyone is innocent unless proved guilty. Having said that to be honest I mean to say that even if all such accusation are true about Karzai or his relatives, I still call it a realistic start not an ideal one. In real world that too in a tribal society like that of Afghanistan, this is not a big deal. In Arabic they say" Aamalukum Ummalukum"[Your deeds become your rulers]. Neither is there an Islamic state in today's world nor do I see one in the future. It does not imply that I have any ideological grudge towards Islam, Muslims or Arabs but due to the reason that the world has become much complicated and I don’t see religion as the basis of a state practically.

It is, therefore, suggested that the local Afghans who sincerely believe that they have the manifesto to lead Afghanistan towards a bright future should form a legitimate political party and present their manifesto to the Afghan masses using peaceful means so that the political process with all its weaknesses and handicaps should continue and get improved. Any other effort will result in breaking another covenant inked at Makka by Afghan religious political parties but broken by them in the very next hour of their visit as history has witnessed.

Final Conclusion

The gist of the discourse can be expressed in the words of Iqbal- an Indian Poet, as follows: Asia is like an organic body of mud and water and Afghan land forms the heart of this body. Peace in the Afghan land ensures peace in Asia while chaos in it will result in entropy in the whole body.

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