Who are the enemies of Pashtuns?

Who are the enemies of Pashtuns?

Yes there are and have been traitors amongst Pashtuns and if there were none why would we be suffering but which nation did not have traitors. Traitors are common in all nations. They are sick minds and souls who lack the sense of collective national consciousness and are driven by their egoistic interests. Yes Pashtun nation has made historical mistakes in the past but all nations do make mistakes. This is nothing specific to Pashtuns. Yes we have been tempted by the color of dollars but which nation was not inclined to worldly gains. The space created by the absence of a higher ideal gets filled by such individualistic gains. Yes Pashtun have been used as cannon fodders by other nations starting from Greeks to Punjabis in the recent times but such is the dictation of philosophy of history. You either lead or follow. If you do not have the guts to lead then you will have to follow.

In my opinion, however, all those points which are raised by intellectuals do not pin point to the real enemy of Pashtuns. On the contrary , they generalise the results of an introspective and esoteric self scrutiny on individual level. Pashtuns are not fortunate enough to enjoy the luxury of searching for the signs and symptoms of the enemy within as they have visible and tangible enemies ready to use them as guinea pigs for their vested interests in the real world. As Ahmed shah baba said:

Pukhtana de tola lass sara yaw kandi

Che mo nun ghaza her loree sha aw khwa da

Subjectivity of animosity, in my opinion, is a Machiavellian technique of confusing your subjects. Enemy has to be objectified in the real world to move forward. Any nation which is not clear about her enemy is supposed to face the music of its delusion in the form of stagnation. Such is the dictation of history.

It is useless to pin point your enemy if you are disunited. Now as far as I understand nations can be united by three ways:

1) When they face survival problem from nature/surroundings/other nations.
2) When they have a common enemy [who in turn is against their survival].
3) When they have a higher altruistic goal to achieve [this in turn guarantees their survival].

The problem with Pashtuns is that the invisible or indirect occupation of their land deceives them to pin point their occupier [enemy] and secondly the fact that they do not have any wish or desire to rise to the skies of excellence and achieve a respectable and glorified status among the league of other nations makes them unfit for unification and hence defeating the enemy. There is no other way for a nation to survive or to identify her enemy or to achieve glorified status unless and until the nation goes through this process of collective consciousness.

It is therefore concluded that we need to win our sovereignty in “lar aw bar” in the true sense of the word. We need to understand that whether it is Americans or Punjabis, Muslims or non Muslims, if they occupy our present or historic land or resources, directly or indirectly, they are our enemies. We need to strive for a sovereign, developed , tolerant , progressive Afghanistan comprising of its lost historical territories now under Pakistan and at the same time contribute our part to the progress and prosperity of humanity at large while keeping intact our history, culture and values.

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