Youth Engagement Program

Youth Engagement Program

Outlines of Youth Engagement Program for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Concept, Indicators and Methodology

Pir Rokhan

Proposed Youth Engagement Plans and Programs

The following independent variables have been considered while chalking out a practical plan and methodology for engaging various cadres of youth in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Independent variables

1) Age Groups:
• Pre Teen [10 to 16]
• Teen [17 to 20]
• Young [21- 30]
• Middle [31-40]

2) Gender
• Gender dependent [ For one gender only]
• Gender independent [ For both Boys and Girls]

3) Productivity
• Productive
• Non Productive

4) Support
• Govt dependent
• Govt Independent

5) Duration
• Short Term
• Long Term

6) Literacy
• For Literate
• For Illiterate


The methodology has to be implemented at Village/Tehsil/District level as well as inter-village, inter-tehsil, inter-distt levels and concurrently taking into consideration inter-School, inter-College, inter-Varsity levels of correlation.

1) Literature
• Conduct Article/ Column/ Paper writing competition

2) Communication Skills Development
• Conduct Speech Competition [on topics about pluralism, democracy, peace, creativity, science, technology, modern sciences, religion, extremism, terrorism, Pashto, Pashtunwali and History etc.]

3) Poetry
• Conduct Poetry Competition

4) Science and Tech
• Conduct competition on inventions ,discoveries etc

5) Info Tech
• Conduct competition on programming, software development etc

6) Economic activity
• Provide opportunities to youth for executing small projects ,jobs and assignments

7) Sports
• Conduct Modern Sports and Traditional sports Competitions

8) Pakhtun Culture
• Conduct Community Programs [ Youth Jirga, Youth Hujra , Youth Melas etc]

9) Performing Arts
• Conduct Acting , Singing and Performing Arts competition

10) Fine Arts
• Conduct Painting, Sculpture, Drawing etc Competition

11) Int’l Liaison
• Conduct Liaison Programs with Youth related organizations nationally and internationally.

Indicators of Success:

After executing the Youth engagement programs, if the following indicators are observed then methodology adopted should be considered successful.
1) Exhibitions related to youth related fields are held
2) Competitions are conducted
3) Literature is published in Electronic or Hard Copy form
4) Audios / Videos are created about youth engagement activities
5) Informal or formal Acknowledgement
6) New Ideas are discovered
7) Small level movement/mobilization is launched among youth
8) Festivals are held
9) The programs gets reasonable media coverage
10) There are micro level indicators of Alleviation in Poverty
11) There are Job Placements for the right persons against opportunities
12) Talent Hunt is done to find right person for the right job

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